First of all, we’d like to introduce ourselves. Artes domésticas Miztontli is a joint venture by sisters Regan Boxwell and Erin Vaden.

Circa 1984

Here we are just this summer

The store name, Artes Domésticas Miztontli, reflects a fusion of both our academic and crafty interests. Regan is a PhD student in Hispanic Literature, and Erin is a PhD student in Art History (Pre-Colombian/Aztec focus). “Artes domésticas” is Spanish for “domestic arts” and corresponds to our love for Spanish language and a variety of arts and crafts. “Miztontli” is the Nahuatl (sometimes called Aztecan) word for “cat,” and this term demonstrates both an interest in Aztec culture and our life-long love of furry felines.

This is Tezcatlipoca, Aztec deity, depicted as a jaguar--his animal counterpart

As a team, we work in any variety of crafts, including (but not limited to): embroidery, appliqué, sewing, knitting, and crocheting.

We’ve recently opened an Etsy shop. You can find us at

With this blog, we’re hoping to showcase our talents and interests, and to share our expertise with others. Hope you enjoy!
Regan & Erin