I’ve spent the last two months here in Los Angeles staying with my sister, my best friend, and house/petsitting. In that time, I’ve had the opportunity to do some great craft hunting, and I thought I’d share some of my finds.
A few weeks ago, I was delighted to find out that the community where I’m housesitting, Village Green, was having a community-wide yard sale. We’re talking hundreds of condos here, so there was a ton of loot! After walking around browsing for an hour or so, I’d almost reached the last of the tables when I spied a giant bag of fabric. Holy schmoley was I excited!! To top it all off, she only charged about $3. I grabbed up that bag of 4×4 quilt squares along with two freezer bags full of vintage thread, a big jar of vintage buttons, and a bundle of vintage linens. My total: $8.50. You can’t beat that deal! Here are some of my favorite items:

This past Saturday, my sister and I went to the Renegade Craft Fair here in LA. We spent all day there, which was wonderful, except we both got some pretty heinous sunburns on our shoulders. Ouch! It was all worth it however. I’d like to share with you some of the beautiful handmade items I purchased.
I got a great vintage map necklace of Nicaragua from the Weekend Store

I purchased some lovely earrings (with a French twist) from Rag Trader

One of my favorite finds are these hamsa earrings from Saintes Maries jewelry

I am completely IN LOVE with Leighelena‘s jewelry. I especially love that they’re from Austin. I got two cuffs to supplement my already growing Leighelena collection (I have two of their pendants-a blue anchor and white dove).

Silver metallic cuff with enameled copper disc

Tan leather cuff with sterling silver fastening

The next day, Erin and I went to the Melrose Trading Post at Fairfax & Melrose. We spent several hours there and found some more cool crafty, vintage items. I’ll let Erin tell you what she got. Perhaps my favorite find was this needlework portrait. She’s a little dirty, but I think I’ll be able to clean her up.

Sassy, isn't she?

I also got a couple of great vintage pieces. The first is a sweet tablecloth:

I personally love this next find: a liquor salesman’s marketing handkerchief. In the 20s & 30s, according to the woman we bought this from, liquor salesman would hand out these handkerchiefs to bartenders as a way of promoting their product and passing on drink recipes. This particular handkerchief shows you how to make a “gin rickey.”

Is this fabulous or what?

I hope you enjoy looking at my exciting finds. Anybody have good suggestions for where to find great stuff like this in LA or Austin or anywhere else for that matter?