It’s been a long while since I posted anything due to my recent move from Los Angeles back to Austin. It’s been hectic and, needless to say, I haven’t done any crafting. I thought I’d post some of the projects I finished and/or started before I left L.A. and some that I did a long time ago that I ran across as I was unpacking here in Austin.
First of all, I was so excited after my Urban Craft Center quilted pillow class with Alissa that I decided to make yet another pillow. I decided to play with some great Alexander Henry prints that my sister and I have, and this was the final result:

I thought the pillow came out nicely although I think I did my straight-line quilting too close together. It took me forever! I listed it on my Etsy site, so if you’re interested click the link here to check it out.
After I caught “quilting fever” I decided to try my hand at a patchwork crib quilt. I used the bag o’ quilting squares that I blogged about in my first post and started piecing the top. I tried to establish a color theme for each vertical strip of patchwork while also trying to make sure that the strips themselves harmonized. I repeated various patterns throughout that had multiple colors in them to add a little continuity to the look. I still need to piece about four more strips, make my batting “sandwich”, and do the actual quilting. Et voilá–I’ll have my first real quilt. Here’s a peek:

All the strips laid out on the floor

Detail 1

Detail 2

Detail 3

In L.A., I also worked on a little sweater for my best friend’s little newborn daughter, Faith. I was hoping to have it finished before I left but I ran out of yarn just before I got to the sleeves, and I apparently developed a bit of arthritis in my left index finger (ouch!). Here are a couple of photos of the sweater so far and one of the tiny little person I’m knitting it for:

Faith's cardi 1

Faith's cardi 2

Little Faith with her proud parents, Joelle and Lloyd

The pillow, quilt, and baby sweater are all projects I started in California, but I found some long-lost finished projects during my move here in Texas that I’d like to share.
I found this little tea towel.

First embroidery project ever!

As you can tell from the caption, this was the first project I did as a newbie embroiderer (is that even a word??). Considering I’d never done much more than some very basic cross stitch as a little kid, I think it turned out rather well. I did the whole thing in split stitch and freehanded the “paz” (“peace” in español for those of you who don’t speak Spanish). It’s pretty basic embroidery but sometimes simple is better. The pattern is from Jenny Hart’s Sublime Stitching “Stitch-It Kit” If you’re at all hip and cool, you’ll check out her stuff. The Sublime Stitching catchphrase is “This ain’t your gramma’s embroidery” and it’s so true. My sister and I are licensed to sell items we make using Jenny’s patterns, so check our Etsy store soon for new, embroidered items.
The other long-lost project I found as I was unpacking also uses a Sublime Stitching pattern. This particular pattern is from Jenny’s Bon Voyage set. So chic! The stitching on this hankie is still pretty basic but I did branch out and do some backstitching and satin stitching as well. I made it for my grandmother several years ago and completely forgot to send it to her. Guess who’s making a trip to the post office tomorrow?

Lovely lady traveler. I love her little cloche!

I could probably go on and on about other projects I’ve done and handmade gems I’ve found lately but I’ll leave some for another day.
On a personal note, my sister and her husband get back today from a two week vacation in Madrid, Spain’s capital city. My sister and I both lived there at separate times, and it holds a particularly dear place in both our hearts. I’m sure she’ll have some (Spanish!) handmade delights of her own to share soon. I know she’s bringing me back a mantón de Manila, and I’m SO excited to see what it looks like. Here’s an example photo of what a mantón looks like.

Mantón de Manila silk shawl

Welcome back to Estados Unidos, Erin!