Well, it seems that I’ve got a lot of catching up to do! My big sis has already written numerous posts, and here I am, a month and a half after the establishment of this blog, just writing my first. But here I am now.

As Regan mentioned, my husband and I just returned from a belated two-week honeymoon in Spain! We spent most of it in Madrid, where I studied abroad five years ago, just soaking up the city and really getting acquainted with it (or reacquainted, as the case may be). Going to Madrid with Phillip was a joy for many reasons, but one of the extra perks was that we visited tons of sites that I never got around to, even living there for six months!

I realize that this isn’t (largely) a craft-related post, but in honor of our trip, I’ve put together a little Honeymoon Top 10.

10) The teleférico. It’s a suspended cable-car (think ski lift) that takes you from the Parque del Oeste to Casa del Campo. Basically, from one park to another. While parks in Madrid are numerous, and lovely, and refreshing, it’s not the park that makes the teleférico so much fun–it’s the view. In the three visits I’ve made to Madrid, and the six months I lived there, I never went on the teleférico (or, incidentally, knew of its existence!), but am very pleased to have since rectified the situation.

Just one of the great views from the teleférico--this is the Palacio Real and the Cathedral that sits across from it.

9) The Mahou hat. Now, this might seem to be part of the teleférico experience, but the legendary Mahou hat became an experience of its own. Upon arriving at Casa del Campo, Phillip and I were parched (Madrid is HOT in August…), and when we got to the snack-stand/game center thing at the top of the hill, they were advertising a “free” Mahou (ubiquitous Spanish beer) hat with the purchase of two liters of Mahou. For whatever reason, we immediately decided that we needed that hat. And we got it. And we EARNED it. I don’t know if you realize this, but a liter of beer is a LOT of beer. But the hat was worth it, and it had some pretty big adventures around Madrid and, let me tell you, getting that thing home in tact was a feat–but we did it!

Here's me, feeling very unsure about the likelihood of finishing my beer.

8 ) The Museo de América. As you know, my spec-i-al-i-ty in grad school is Aztec art. So, partially because I’m a nerd, and partially because I thought, Oh what the heck? Let’s try to get some research done while we’re here, we spent a morning at the Museum of the Americas. I don’t want to get too gushy, but I love this museum. It’s got a reconstruction of a cabinet of curiosities from the baroque period, for crying out loud! Where you can find all manner of things–like this gigantic bivalve mollusk:

Phillip, obviously incredulous about the size of that shell--I assure you, however, that it is real!

Or this armadillo guitar (!!!???): But my personal favorite is the replica (however dubiously accurate…) of the Calendar Stone!:

Ok, ok...Nerd.

7) The items on the menu at McDonald’s. I’m not kidding here. First of all, there are some truly legit things that the US should consider adding to their menu (KitKat cone? McFlurry with PEANUT m&ms??), but mostly, they just have the cutest names for things. For instance, “Happy cherritos?” That’s right, folks, a side of cherry tomatoes, duly Spanglicized. And how about the classic “Chicken Move It”?:

The (in?)famous Chicken Move It, which appears to be nothing more than a chicken strip in a wrapper.

And now that I’ve got you on tenterhooks (I know you!), wondering just what other Spanish delights might be in store!, I’m going to cut this post short (I don’t think that term is really appropriate here…) and resume my Top 10 later!