I recently celebrated my 3rd anniversary with three lovely lady friends, and to celebrate, we ate a gorgeous dinner of tapas and champagne. To commemorate the event, I wanted to give them a little “sussy” (my mom’s word for a small, spontaneous gift). Given the occasion, I thought I’d work up something fairly traditional:

I started out with my raw materials:

-three gorgeous boxes (@ $4.50 ea.) and three plastic rings with faux crystals (@$1 ea.) from a little gift shop in Studio City called Razzle Dazzle. The boxes are lovely, but I’m almost positive they were embellished in-house.

-scrap fabric left over from my bathroom curtains

-scrap ribbon used to tie up a bundle of fabric bought at a craft fair

-cotton balls

-needle and thread

I cut my scrap fabric and my ribbon into three equal pieces, then tacked the ribbon to the center of the fabric:

Then I separated the coils of about 3 cotton balls and placed the cotton in the center, and stitched a very loose running stitch around the perimeter.

Then I pulled the thread taut and knotted it, resulting in a sort of rough-looking pouch.

Next I flipped the puff upside down and snuggled it down into the box.

Then all that was left to do was tie the ring on and snip the ribbon’s ends, and voila! A perfect little “anniversary” gift (crystal is, after all, the modern 3rd anniversary gift) that leaves a lovely little box that can be reused as the recipient sees fit!

In other news, I officially made my first Etsy sale! Hooray!! My little waitress tea towel (remember her?) sold within about three hours of listing her! It was a big day for us. Flo made the trip to Maryland admirably, and the nice woman who adopted her left us some very sweet feedback upon receipt! All in all, my first Etsy sale was a success.

I’ve since been working on a few Halloween-themed items, only one of which has been completed yet: a Dracula hankie (he is also listed here, and he veddy much vants to go home vith you).


He's ready for his closeup, Mr. DeMille.


Till later…xoxo