I know, I know–it’s been far too long since I’ve posted on this blog!

This is what I looked like the last time I posted...

...and this is what I look like now.

But Regan and I have collectively resolved to be more consistent with our posting, and we’re shooting for a post a week. We’ve also discussed starting a tumblr blog for quick, daily updates. Do any of you use tumblr? If so, would you recommend it? Any advice??

Ok, enough of the apologetics! I want to share my newest stitching project. As Regan mentioned in her last post, I have just (finally!) finished a large project involving seven tea towels featuring adapted designs I created, based on Alberto Vargas pinups from my buyer’s personal collection.

All seven of the girls, strategically positioned for those with delicate sensibilities.

That was a delightful project, and thoroughly rewarding, but needless to say, it basically consumed my craft-life for quite some time. That said, I’m embarking upon my first new stitching project in months, and it feels gooood!

I’ve had an idea for confusion-free cocktail napkins for months now, and finally, last week, officially set the ball in motion. My big idea was to number the napkins. No two are alike, and as long as you can remember your number, you never have to worry about wiping your mouth on anybody else’s napkin and, perhaps more importantly, protects your napkin from devious “nakkin thieves” (that’s what they call themselves–I didn’t just make that up).

First, I had to identify the font I wanted, and then I sketched the designs.

Then I reversed the patterns and scanned them. From there, I resized them appropriately to fit the napkins (it took a few tries).

A little trial and error.

Then I traced my scans with the wonder-pen, which turns any design into an iron-on (the SuperSweet Sulky pen!), and then fill in any gaps in the pattern with the OTHER wonder-pen, which disappears magically with just a dab of water (the blue pen in the background, made by various companies):

The Sulky pen, in all its glory.

Then…..I stitch! I’ve chosen to outline all the numbers in black and use six different jewel-hued duo-tones for the accents.

Just the beginning!

Keep your eyes peeled for more progress! And, in the meantime, here’s a recent shot of our old friend Judy the Orts Jar, who is getting rather full…

My little Judy's growing up!

‘Til soon!