The woman who owns and operates a website I belong to, Stitchin’ Fingers, also hosts a stitch challenge on her blog, which has just begun for the year. It’s called “Take a Stitch Tuesday,” and each Tuesday of the year she will post a new stitch to experiment with. Since I know I don’t already know 52 stitches, much of it will be more learning how to do the stitches in the first place than really getting crazy with them.

Since yesterday was Tuesday, and since part of the participation requirements are to post photos of the work and link back to Sharon’s blog, I’m going to document my progress here!

Week 1‘s stitch was “fly stitch,” a new one for me. I’ve stitched with similar effects before, but haven’t used this technique — I like it!

Fly Stitch, Week 1

It’s pretty basic for now, but as I get more experienced,I’ll find new ways to play with it. One thing I noticed is that, while a tight stretch of fabric on the hoop generally makes stitching easier, the way you insert the needle through the back and then back through the front in one fell swoop (whew!) for this stitch would likely be a bit easier on the ol’ fingers (I had to use a thimble to push) if the fabric had a bit more give.

Stay tuned for weekly updates on the challenge! It’s one of my 2012 goals to fully complete it, and I’m going to work all the stitches on a single piece of fabric so that when I’m finished, I’ll have a nice, colorful fiber “document” of my work!