This week’s stitch challenge, from Sharon at Pintangle, was the feather stitch, which is actually a variation of the buttonhole stitch, which you might remember from last week‘s post.

This one was a little tricky for me, as you can see from the dual-layer feather on the left (a little wonky):

This one could use some more practice!

I thought about ripping my stitches out and starting over, but actually, I’ve decided that I like my wonky little stitches — a sign of where they began! As I practice more and more, and consequently get better, then it might actually be sort of fun to go back and look at how awful they began (sort of an “oh, how cute! I thought I knew how to do feather stitch” kind of thing). The feathers on the right are looking a little better.

The first three weeks!

Stay tuned for next week’s challenge!