It’s week four of the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge from PinTangle. This week’s stitch was the cretan stitch, which I found to be perfectly suited for some leaf shapes!

My little cretan stitches, layered in three different colors.

Cretan is another stitch that was new to me, though in terms of technique it shares some characteristics with the past couple of weeks’ stitches. Here, I layered stitches in two different yellows and an orange, which filled out the cretan stitch and gave the shape a fullness that is really nice (next time I do project with flowers, I know what I’m working with for the leaves)! I’m also pretty partial to the neat little plaited effect that happens when you work the stitches close together.

Here’s the big picture of all my stitches so far:

Weeks 1 through 4.

And, just for the heck of it, here’s what the back of my stitching looks like so far!

For those stitching nerds out there (like me) who like to see the backs of stitching...

Look out next week for Stitch Challenge, continued!