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Artes Domésticas Miztontli is a joint venture by sisters Regan Boxwell and Erin Vaden.

Sisters, years ago.

Sisters, much more recently.

The store name reflects a fusion of both our academic and crafty interests. Regan is finishing her PhD in Hispanic Literature while teaching Spanish at her alma mater, TCU. Erin has an MA in Aztec Art History, and is the Public Art Manager at Texas Tech University. “Artes domésticas,” Spanish for “domestic arts,” reflects our mutual love for Spanish language as well as arts and crafts, while “miztontli,” Nahuatl for “big cat,” alludes to an interest in Aztec culture and a life-long love of furry felines.

We work in various crafts, including: embroidery, appliqué, sewing, knitting, and crocheting. With our store, we are committed to providing you with our very best handmade wares, vintage finds, and the odd craft supply. And with our blog, we just want to share the knowledge we’ve acquired, and maybe–hopefully–make you smile a little along the way. Welcome!


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