Remember the napkins I blogged about a couple of months ago? Well, I finally finished them!

Here they are, all finished up!

They’re for sale on our etsy site, in case you’re interested! 😉 Expect to hear from me again on Wednesday with this week’s stitch challenge!



Well, it’s been a good, long while since either Erin or I have written anything on the blog here at wordpress. I’m feeling a bit guilty, so I thought I’d write a quick little post to update you on our crafty goings-on.

Erin and I now have a facebook page for Artes domésticas.  We’d love to have you as a fan if you aren’t already! We’ve been selling on etsy for a while now, and we’ve had relative success. Take a look at that link too for some fun stuff!

After a very long time listed on our etsy site, I finally sold my Day of the Dead quilted pillow sleeve! I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s been featured on at least 4 etsy treasuries lately, and someone finally decided they wanted it for themselves. I’m planning to make another similar pillow, and this time I’m going to do a tutorial as I construct it. I’ve been invited by Jessica and Ali Rose of Rag Bag Artistry to join their Day of the Dead link party, so I’ve jumped at the chance (of course)!

It finally sold!!

I recently made another sale, and I’m quite pleased about that as well. I made a precious baby set for my friend Jessica’s baby, Jude, and with the leftover fabric, I made a couple of sweet little burp cloths.

Booties from Jude's baby set (2009)

The sweet burp cloths that just sold!

Erin, however, is the one who’s been doing the majority of selling these days. She got a great commission to stitch a series of tea towels with the images from some of Vargas’ most famous pinups. Here are a couple of photos of Erin’s work. They’re just gorgeous!!

The Original

Erin's version just started

Erin's gorgeous finished version

Glam pinup with beads

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the little update. The next post will probably be my quilted pillow tutorial, so keep your eyes peeled!

Inspired by a post I’d seen on Stitchin’ Fingers, as well as my own frustration at trying to dispose of snippets of used embroidery floss in any sort of neat fashion, I made up my mind the other day that I wanted an orts jar.

“Ort” is a word defined by Merriam-Webster as “a morsel left at a meal : scrap.” The term has been appropriated by stitchers to refer to these little snippets of used thread and, in fact, some stitchers claim that “ORT” means Old Ragged Thread. I generally trust ol’ Merriam-Webster, but then again, I do like a good acronym so…it’s kind of a toss up.

Now, my orts jar is just getting started (I did, after all, only find the perfect jar just today), so it’s looking a little lonely, but more orts will be added daily!


My newborn orts jar. I've named it Judy (Get it??)


In other news, I finished the other project I mentioned in the last post–my witch hankie! She’s available now on etsy, and I’m pretty pleased with the way she turned out! Like my Dracula hankie, the design came from Sublime Stitching’s Zombies and Monsters pattern set.

I’ve also got several other projects underway, one of which is still hush-hush for the moment, but I promise to keep you all posted.

One more thing! I’d like to just quickly rave about a wonderful product: the Clorox bleach pen!!


The amazing bleach pen!


You might recall from a few posts ago that my sister and I had a little mishap with some wet yarn staining some blank tea towels. Despite repeated washings and bleachings in the washing machine, à la Lady Macbeth, those damned spots just would not come out! After fretting about the loss of perfectly good textiles, I finally followed a suggestion from my (always brilliant) sis and tried out one of these little babies. I’m not kidding you–it worked like a charm! I used the scrubby tip of the pen on the blue spots and let it sit for a few minutes, and when I came back, the spot was completely gone! Hallelujah! In short, if you’ve got spots on white stuff that aren’t coming out the normal way…spring for one of these puppies. The excitement you’ll feel at seeing something return to white when you’d never expected to see it spotless again is well worth the $3. Trust me.

Till later! xo

I recently celebrated my 3rd anniversary with three lovely lady friends, and to celebrate, we ate a gorgeous dinner of tapas and champagne. To commemorate the event, I wanted to give them a little “sussy” (my mom’s word for a small, spontaneous gift). Given the occasion, I thought I’d work up something fairly traditional:

I started out with my raw materials:

-three gorgeous boxes (@ $4.50 ea.) and three plastic rings with faux crystals (@$1 ea.) from a little gift shop in Studio City called Razzle Dazzle. The boxes are lovely, but I’m almost positive they were embellished in-house.

-scrap fabric left over from my bathroom curtains

-scrap ribbon used to tie up a bundle of fabric bought at a craft fair

-cotton balls

-needle and thread

I cut my scrap fabric and my ribbon into three equal pieces, then tacked the ribbon to the center of the fabric:

Then I separated the coils of about 3 cotton balls and placed the cotton in the center, and stitched a very loose running stitch around the perimeter.

Then I pulled the thread taut and knotted it, resulting in a sort of rough-looking pouch.

Next I flipped the puff upside down and snuggled it down into the box.

Then all that was left to do was tie the ring on and snip the ribbon’s ends, and voila! A perfect little “anniversary” gift (crystal is, after all, the modern 3rd anniversary gift) that leaves a lovely little box that can be reused as the recipient sees fit!

In other news, I officially made my first Etsy sale! Hooray!! My little waitress tea towel (remember her?) sold within about three hours of listing her! It was a big day for us. Flo made the trip to Maryland admirably, and the nice woman who adopted her left us some very sweet feedback upon receipt! All in all, my first Etsy sale was a success.

I’ve since been working on a few Halloween-themed items, only one of which has been completed yet: a Dracula hankie (he is also listed here, and he veddy much vants to go home vith you).


He's ready for his closeup, Mr. DeMille.


Till later…xoxo

Now that I’ve been back from my vacation for a couple of weeks now, I’ve started to get back into the crafting groove (whew!). I’ve completed two projects lately. One of which I’m very pleased with, and will be posting for sale on our Etsy site (as soon as I learn how to do that…). It’s a flour-sack tea towel embellished with a darling little waitress from Sublime Stitching’s Krazy Kitchen pattern set. I also sewed on the rick-rack (because everybody loves rick-rack) and the sweet little gingham ribbon to make it all a little more special. Stitches I used were: backstitch, split stitch, running stitch, satin stitch, and a scalloping chain.

A couple of things: If you have extensive experience with the flour-sack tea towel, you will know that they are never quite satisfactorily wrinkle-free. Secondly, if you’re a needlecrafter and you’re not already familiar with Sublime Stitching (almost impossible at this point, I think), then acquainting yourself with Jenny Hart’s delightful little Austin-based company should be your first order of business (incidentally, I’m licensed to sell things made from their patterns….but that really has very little to do with why I think they’re great). She’s got an online store, a blog, tutorials…you name it. Her first book (aptly titled Sublime Stitching) was the first embroidery literature I ever picked up, and I’ve been continually pleased with the company’s products (stylish and always growing), their service (speedy and friendly), and Jenny herself (I met her at an open house here in LA and was a little bit starstruck…).

Speaking of Sublime Stitching…I received my latest purchase from them in the mail just this afternoon! I ordered a number of new patterns, and a couple of tools:

The stylus is for tracing my own designs with carbon paper. I’ve tried the old ball-point-pen method before, but I’ve never really been pleased with the outcome, so I thought if I had the proper tools, it might make all the difference in the world. And that tiny little blue box is filled with “Thread Heaven” . It’s a floss conditioner/protectant, and I’ve been hearing so many rave reviews about it, I decided I must try it (I’ll report back with the results!).

Now, the other project I finished…I feel a little bit more “meh” about this one, shall we say. I feel fine about the choice of pattern (Sublime Stitching’s Sushi Bar), and even fine about the outcome, except….When Regan was here this summer, there was a little bit of a mishap with some of the textiles and some wet yarn. It was a mess. Anyway, some of the dye from one of the yarns left little spots on a pack of tea towels, but I thought, “Hey, let’s be resourceful and just cover that spot up!” (I hate wastefulness, particularly when it comes to craft supplies). The result was, well, debatable. I’m very interested to know if anyone can spot the, uhh, spot.

On the upside though, I finally, FINALLY!!, after 3+ years of embroidering, learned how to successfully make a French knot!! This was the triumph of the century, as far as I was concerned…So I went a little nuts with it:

See how I made those little French knot rice kernels???

Well, that’s it for now! Flo will be up for sale on our Etsy as soon as I get that process figured out (Regan–help???!!). Happy Wednesday (get over that hump!!)!